Are set classes better than working out in the gym?

Should you spend more time in spin class than on the treadmill?

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The way you choose to workout is a personal choice, and one that depends on your tastes, motivation and whether or not you’re able to get your butt moving without anyone telling you to.

If you’re struggling to decide what type of workout is going to yield the best results for you, take a deep breath. We’ve got you covered. We’ve consulted fitness guru and founder of ZUU, Nathan Helberg, so you don’t waste a minute of your precious time at the gym.

Are you disciplined and focused?

If you know yourself to be a committed taskmaster, you might do well training by yourself. You need to have a consistent and focused goal to work towards.

“Understand your objective and get to it. Many people follow a specialised program that a group class cannot provide or want to train alone,” says Helberg.

Training alone can also be good for those who need to workout on a schedule that doesn’t necessarily match group class times.

It can also be a good test of mental character to spur yourself to the limits. “When I train alone, it’s brutal,” says Helberg. “I purposefully look to test my mental character. Doing this helps me build resilience in my life, for that’s the true goal we should all have.”

If you’re going to feel self-conscious in a group, or like to push yourself – training alone can be a really great way to go about your fitness routine.

What’s the catch?

“Unless you are very disciplined, consistent and focused, most people lose motivation, creativity and the intensity to get the results they're after when training alone,” says Helberg.

“Many who workout alone have far too long rest periods in-between sets or exercises and they also lack the partner or environment to take their training to the next level.”

If you’re a little less motivated and crave some much needed inspo?

You might thrive more in a group environment surrounded by like-minded people to help with your efforts. You can build new friendships and support each other to achieve goals.

Although, for Helberg it’s essential to take time picking the right class for you. “Workouts are not about who does it the fastest, for this only allows the cream to rise to the top and others to feel left out or lose form to try and keep up.”

You need a class that is going to nourish and support you, not leave you feeling down or left behind.

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Helberg’s view?

“On the whole, I prefer training in a group. Remember, physical training is so little when compared to social and mental health. The social interaction and mental health improvements gained in a group environment can help build sustainability and habitual change in your physical health.”

Overall, whether you workout alone or in a group, picking the one that will make you the most happy, motivated and willing to go back is the right one for you.

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