Being a mermaid is the new fitness craze

You may look like a Disney character by this latest exercise is bound to give you killer abs just in time for summer.

Photo: supplied

Ever wanted to visit Coronado? Us neither. But the resort city in San Diego, California, USA, is now home to one of the newest (and arguably greatest) fitness crazes we’ve seen in a long time; mermaid flipping.

The class sees participants trade in their activewear for sparkly mermaid fins and spending 45-minutes swimming around the pool, a la Ariel.

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Offered at Hotel del Coronado, fitness instructor Veronica Rohan told well + good “It’s circuit training mixed with an ab workout on the side of the pool. You swim laps to get your heart rate up and I also included standing stationary movements, like squats and arm exercises with a beach ball.”

While it’s only available at this one American hotel (so far) there is nothing stopping you getting your hands a tail and heading to the local pool – your abs (and Instagram) will thank you.

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