Corona Cure – Age old remedy

Remember the days when we had cold and flu during our childhood. There were very few doctors around and our grandmothers used to give us Ajwain Potli to breath and keep hot potli on nose and forehead.

It was very uncomfortable to breath it but within few minutes the nose and throat gets clear and 5 to 6 times cures all the symptoms of flu.

Ajwain also know as bishop’s weed is an age old remedy for cough and cold specially for respiratory track if we breath in hot ajwain wrapped in cotton cloth.

Pandemic Preparedness

The Thymol present in Ajwain is loaded with anti microbial and anti fungal and anti tussive properties and its a miraculous herb in treating cough and cold.

As corona is mostly related to respiratory track inhaling hot ajwain potli for 10 to 15 minutes 5 to 6 times a day will have the potential to clear the respiratory track of any virus.

It helps in two ways one is due to is anti viral property it can directy impact the virus also when hot air goes in to your lungs through respirotry track it can weaken the virus as due to high temperature of air is circulated in your sinus area.

Normally sinus area (The area around nose and eyes) is a haven for any virus as its colder and suitable for virus to survive. but directly berating hot air can warm the sinus area thus releasing any hidden virus residing over there.

If you remember during childhood when we used to breath hot ajwain potli it was very discomfort and we use to cough a lot as hot infusion with strong smell of ajwain was clearing our respiratory track.

why not give a try its likely that the hot temperature along with antiviral property of ajwain can weaken the virus and there are no side effects to it and its a proven and time tested method to cure sinus and flu.

While the world is working on building a vaccine we should try this time tested formula and kill the virus using our ancient Indian Ayurveda system. atleast we can buy some time while the vaccine arrives.

please share this with the world and see if it works out. nature always have cure for everything and lets use time tested natural method and save ourselves with all kinds of flu related diseases.

Taking in the steam of ajwain seeds infused in hot water is also recommended to treat cold.

How to use Ajwain Potli ?

Roast about 2 to 3 spoons of Ajwain seeds with little salt and turmeric on a dry tava or pan for few minutes until a fine aroma is infused in air. Take a muslin cloth and transfer the seeds to it, carefully tie it into a nice potli (pouch shape) take the hot potli near your nose and compress it on your nostrils and breath deeply. with few minutes you will notice that the strong aroma is spreading in your sinus areas with soothing effects against cough and cold.

It has been proven that ajwain potli works wonders to combat chest congestion and even clear stuffy nose

  • Ajwain seeds have a strong flavor and are loaded with excellent medicinal properties
  • These seeds are ideal for curing respiratory and Sinus issues along with flu and viral infections

Lets pray to gather that covid-19 break out gets over and scientist come up with vaccine at the earliest. lets build our immune system strong with eating healthy and also take preventive measures like avoiding social gathering and washing hands regularly with soap.

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