fizzy drinks contain

MOST fizzy drinks contain more sugar than a person’s entire day allowance – and there should not be claims they are part of a balanced diet, according to researchers.

Sugar and carbon are the two main ingredients of any fizzy drink available in the market today.  we are so concerned about our car engines, we never put contaminated gasoline and are very conscious of what we fill our cars with, then why are we so careless about our bodies.

you can buy 10 new cars still so careful and when it comes to our health we are so negligent.

Sugar is slow poison and most fizzy drink contain more sugar than a person’s daily dietary requirement.

we have only 25 to 30 years of strong body where it can absorb stress, from 15 to 40 and at the most 45.  once you cross 45 the damages cannot be repaired.

the best drink is water,  it keeps your body hydrated and keeps your skin healthy. if at all you want some flavours you can add lime, mint or honey they taste better and are healthier

if you live in a tropical region you can have fresh lime juice, coconut water or butter milk or any other fresh fruit juice like sugarcane etc

if you live in a cold region you can have soups, coffee, green tea, lime tea, hot water with lime and honey . but please my friends never have these fizzy drinks they are very harmful.

Alternative liquids for fizzy drinks

  1. Fresh fruit juice
  2. Lime and honey water
  3. mint water
  4. coconut water
  5. Soups (home made)
  6. Green Tea
  7. Coffee (less sugar)
  8. butter milk
  9. sugarcane juice
  10. Lassi (less sugar)
  11. Best is water

Our aim should be to keep our body and mind healthy,  emotional eating and drinking should be totally avoided. we are already living in a very stressful environment, our body should be strong enough to fight these external stresses,  if we are weak internally how will we fight these external factors, do not go by TV advertisements,  you have brains . lets use our brains and choose health over taste and emotions.

Let’s be connected to nature and eat and drink that is provided by nature.  let’s say not to processed food.

Many people ask me is coffee healthy,  yes if taken in moderation and with least sugar its healthy. some of us might need more coffee than other read our article on why some of us need more coffee than others

anything more than our need is harmful. food and water is the best medicine if taken in moderation. our kitchen have lot of things which can cure us.

Food made in factories are poison for our body,  its commercial and they are only concerned about their profits. don’t be deceived by labels. Hope you like this article,  please share it with your loved ones.

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