Free Rice and Daal through PDS

There is a good initiative from government of India through public distribution shop. As of now they are providing free Rice and Daal to anyone with aadhar card. As there is a surplus food available and to avoid wastage they are providing free for now. I guess this is for short term. Normally the prices are very subsidized for poor people. however now due to surplus they are distributing it free of cost.

The Public Distribution System (PDS) in the country facilitates the supply of food grains. With a network of more than 4 lakh Fair Price Shops claiming to distribute annually.

As of now the grains are in surplus and anyone can collect it just by showing their Aadhar card. Please spread this news to the needy people.

Use it wisely. You can collect through your aadhar card and distribute to your maids or guards. PDS is providing 10 KG rice and 2 KG daal per aadhar card (No question asked)

The quality is good and there is a surplus. If we dont collect. it might go waste. share this message to as much people as you can so that the grains does not get wasted.

PDS is operated under the joint responsibility of the Central and the State Governments. The Central Government, through Food Corporation of India (FCI), has assumed the responsibility for procurement, storage, transportation and bulk allocation of food grains to the State Governments. The operational responsibility including allocation within State, identification of eligible families, issue of Ration Cards and supervision of the functioning of Fair Price Shops (FPSs) etc., rest with the State Governments. Under the PDS, presently the commodities namely wheat, rice, sugar and kerosene are being allocated to the States/UTs for distribution. Some States/UTs also distribute additional items of mass consumption through the PDS outlets such as pulses, edible oils, iodized salt, spices, etc

Disclaimer : The intention of this post is for just information. We got to know that as of now there is a surplus grains available with PDS and they are distributing free (10 KG rice and 2 KG Daal per aadhar card) . We neither claims nor take any responsibility of the news. This information is helpful and benefit to people they can use it and share it.

Food should be consumed and utilized and not wasted. the Govt people are requesting to collect the same to avoid spoiling of grains.