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How much does a hair transplant cost ? It depends on which country you are from and what’s your balding stage

At some clinics its based on case and its charged lump sum but majority of the places its charged per graft.

The cheapest and the best options are India and Turkey.

In India its charged in the range of 20 to 40 Rupees per graft depending on the clinic. on a average its 25 Rupees at a reputed hair transplant clinic.

However in US its around 5 to 7 Dollars per graft.

Even turkey is considered as best destination in terms of cost and quality for hair transplant and many celebrities across the globe have considered Turkey for hair transplant and have achieved good results

Below table shows the charges of hair transplant cost at turkey

hair transplant cost Turkey / IndiaUK / US
2,000 grafts$700-$1,500$ 5000 – $ 7000
3,000 grafts$1,800-$2,200$ 6000 – $ 8000
4,000 grafts$2,400-$3,500$ 8000 – $ 9500
5,000 grafts$2500-$4,000$ 9000 – $ 10500
Hair transplant cost at popular places

Hair Transplant Cost Calculation

Hair transplant cost depends on many factors, At what stage of hair loss you are at, including the overall complexity of the transplant.

During initial discussion , the patient will need to be reviewed for the risk of furtherĀ hair loss, as well as how best to use the available donor hair. These personalised factors are different for everyone and will affect the hair transplant cost you can expect to receive. But in Majority of the cases its based on number of graft.

you can check any of the free online graft calculator tool at google and calculate the exact cost for your hair transplant.

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How many grafts you may need ?

After a thorough analysis of your scalp condition and your current hair loss situation the doctors will advise you on number of grafts you may required. if grafts required are less in numbers you may be at a very initial stage of your hair loss and I would suggest you to wait for few more years as you may again required to go for a patch up job because your old hair might fall further. however if you have crossed stage 3 then its advisable to go for it.

most of the time the procedure is completed in one sitting however some times if there are any complexities and the number of grafts are more than 3500 the 2nd sitting is advised by doctors with a gap of 6 months.

normally for stage 4 patients approximately 300 grafts are required. however you can check the graft calculator for accurate numbers.

Note : Graft Calculator gives you a approximate idea. every individual’s hair type and scalp size is different, the number of grafts changes from person to person. To get a precise idea, you need to consult an experienced hair transplant Doctor

Do you think hair transplant is not for you or you do not want to go through the procedure, you can try laser cap as an alternative

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