Health mistakes to avoid post lockdown

Sooner or later depending on where you live, our cities will reopen and we’ll cherish a long drive or a bike ride, a family dinner at a cozy restaurant, or shopping. However before you sprint to the mall or visit your relatives and friends, keep in mind there are some things you may want to remain very careful of. don’t be tempted to rush to gym or crowded markets.

Prepare yourself mentally to safely and healthily ease out of lockdown, once your local authorities / Government bodies lifts the restrictions.

Check out these important things you should avoid when your city reopens so that you can safely transit back to normalcy.

1. The Virus is not gone yet

There may be times and places where restrictions ease, either because cases have dropped off locally or in response to political or economic pressures. But as long the virus persists somewhere in the world, the threat of new local outbreaks, and a return to lockdown, will remain.

While no one is sure how long this virus will linger, according to experts , “We may get into a cycle of periodic social distancing measures until it is possible to develop and mass-produce a vaccine, which experts say will take 12 to 18 months, or we can find effective ways to treat COVID-19.”

it’s important to continue paying attention to these regulations and the latest orders from your local authorities. Social distancing guidelines may still be in place and stay-at-home orders may be enforced again at any time. Cooperating with these orders is the best way to help stop the spread of the virus so we can all go back to our daily lives for good

2. Avoid outside food as much as possible

Now that our belly is used to home food switching suddenly to outside food will cause harm to our health. don’t over indulge for now immediately after the ease of lock down.

Once lockdown restrictions are lifted, you may be tempted to visit every restaurant in town for every meal. But it’s important to only allow yourself to overindulge occasionally. Stick to a diet that’s full of fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats, and stop eating when you’re full.

Also do not forget about social distancing and keep sanitizers with you. Social distancing and frequent handwashing should be the new norm

3. Don’t forget Your Projects

You may have taken up few projects during lockdown. so please continue with them and don’t ditch them

When restrictions lift, it’ll be easy to become distracted by hanging with friends or heading out to eat. Consider sticking with the new hobbies you dusted off during your time at home. If you felt satisfaction when you were yoga, gardening or blogging, continue these projects into your daily schedule.

4. Don’t Touch Everything and Anything

You have formed a good habit of not touching to things and your face as well. This is also good for your facial skin as the exposure to bad bacteria is reduced.

Continue this good habit for life long. This will also save us from all kinds of infections.

Healthy habits are hard to form. As you have already formed this habit stick with it.

5. Don’t stop taking your vitamins and home herbs

Taking care of your immune system and ensuring your body had all the vitamins it needed to combat the virus was probably at the top of your mind in isolation. During stay-at-home orders, many turned to healthy supplements to assist their immune systems in fighting the coronavirus.

In our previous blogs we had suggested few age old remedies please continue using those remedies including papaya leaves tea and others.

These home remedies will keep your immune healthy and will help fight against virus. As you grow older your immune system gets weaker. so maker sure to go in morning sunlight. keep in touch with your doctor for any health related issue.

6. Don’t start heavy Gym exercise suddenly.

I know fitness folks cannot resist going to Gym and may be working out at home as well. However once the Gyms open avoid starting heavy exercise suddenly.

have a slow start and gradually increase the weight exercise. Gyms are most infections as people sweat a lot and environment is not ventilated due to air-conditioning . which is breeding ground for bacteria check out our article on 5 infections you can pick up at the gym (and how to avoid them)

Missed your Gym ? here’s the alternate!