HIIT Zumba® is coming – here’s what you need to know

We can only hope Despacito is on the playlist.

Photo: @jennadewan

We all know that doing a high-intensity workout is great for you – getting your heart rate up, helping you torch fat fast and filling you with those warm fuzzy endorphins.

The only problem is that HIIT workouts can tend to be as repetitive and mindless as they are gruelling. Lucky for fun fitness types, dance-workout company Zumba® is launching a new variation of their Latin-inspired exercise routines – STRONG by Zumba®.

The one hour class combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves that are synced to upbeat, fun tunes. It’s also non-dance based if you find yourself a little uncoordinated in that department. Good news if you can’t dance, but can burpee.

STRONG by Zumba® offers a total body workout aimed at burning those calories, while specifically targeting and toning your abs, legs, arms and glutes.

The idea is that the beats will help motivate you (it’s called the science of Synced Music Motivation) and make what can be a dull exercise max fun. Think of it as a heady cocktail of exercise-induced endorphins.

So if you’ve immediately discounted Zumba® because it seems easy or mortifyingly embarrassing (loyal followers know it’s not), you’ve got a whole ‘nother thing coming.

Classes will be available at Crunch Fitness gyms around Sydney and Melbourne and UFC GYM in Alexandria, Sydney from July.

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