How this Former Miss Universe Australia got in the best shape of her life

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She’s always been fit but Laura Dundovic has made some serious progress recently. 

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If she’s not covering some kilometres on a morning run, she’s doing weights with the Base Body Babes.

Yep, we’ve got to hand it to her, certified fitness instructor and personal trainer, Laura Dundovic is our newest fitspiration.

She’s pretty qualified on getting you into the best shape of your life both physically and mentally too – apart from her killer activewear collection; Dundovic is also the proud owner of a psychology degree – proving health really is holistic and about being in the right headspace.

“The biggest thing for me is mindfulness and being in the moment. A lot of people, I think, are motivated by fear. They say ‘Oh I’ve got to work out or I’ll be fat’ and ‘I can’t eat that food because it has fat in it’ and it’s not the way to motivate yourself,” she tells mybody+soul.

“I look at health and fitness in a really positive way and I never put pressure on myself. So I find when I’m like that I do it a lot more. If I’m feeling run down and I can’t get to the gym, I don’t go. I know if I go I’m going to give it like half a percent and I won’t have a good attitude towards it.”

For Dundovic, a powerful mind equals a powerful body – and the most important thing you can do when training it is be consistent.

“Some people will make progress, but then have a lot of time off, so they’re not getting anywhere. Consistency is the key.”

In other words, when you see progress keep going, don’t see it as an invitation to ease off. “A great example is doing weights. You’ll start on a certain weight and a month later when you’ve progressed you should be doing either higher reps or heavier weights. A lot of people just stick to whatever program they’ve started on.”

“It’s the same with running. Over time you should be looking at running the same distance in a shorter period of time, or increasing the distance. Yep, Dundovic seems to live by the mantra “Never Coast.”

“I try and do all different sports. So I run, I do weights, I dance, if a friend’s playing touch football I’ll try it. It’s important to do that because every time you start a new class or sport you’re working new muscles.”

While it pays to mix it up, a fitness routine featuring weights, cardio and stretching is your friend, says Dundovic.

“Cardio is important for your lungs and also really great for stress. Weights help for tone and strength and the older you get the more important it is to have that strength. You really do have to balance those out with stretching.”

“I’m not very good at the last part, it’s always something though, that when you end up getting injured you realise how important it is.”

As for the secret to those abs?

“The biggest thing with tone is that a lot of people do running and dieting and it’s not going to necessarily give you tone. Women especially are scared of weights because they think it’s going to make them huge, but it actually does the opposite. It cinches you in.”

And where there’s a six-pack, there’s an eating plan. Dundovic reckons nutrition is the best way to optimise your mood, strength and motivation.

Whenever I’m feeling a bit down I always look at what I’ve been eating, what I’m missing out on and what I can add to my diet.”

One thing’s for sure, Dundovic’s eat, sleep, gym repeat routine is working for her.

Laura Dundovic is an ambassador for Natural Instinct, a natural beauty brand with a focus on wellness inside and out. For more information, visit their website.

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