How to tackle child obesity ?

Child obesity is the biggest health threat in todays time. The easy access to food, Home deliveries with multiple option along with Netflix time all adds up to child obesity.

Also companies like Cadbury DAIRY MILK, Mars bars and Kit Kats could reduce in size by 20 per cent in a bid to tackle child obesity.

Replacing sugar with Jagger or Honey,  And replacing dates with chocolates could be the best choice. However when they are out in Malls and schools its challenge to control the temptations of kids.

At our home we have replaced all the Jams with home made Jams. The bottled jams which we get in market are loaded with sugar, at home we make Apricot and Fig jam which is more nutritious. you can also make strawberry and pineapple jam.

Obesity could lead to major diseases like diabetes and blood pressure.  In our childhood we never had access to foods which todays kid have. we had more physical games compare to video games and computers . Infact we did not had any of these things neither social media nor Netflix and that’s the reason we are still healthy even at the age of 45+. we can still play sports better than todays kids. (No kidding).


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As a parent we should teach values to our kids to play more outdoor games, swimming, cycling, running and other outdoor sports.  these games enhances their physical and mental power. sweating and sunlight is must for our bodies. 

come out of your air conditioned rooms, enjoy the sun light. dirty your hands in mud and sand. sweat, run, dance. enjoy the real world abandon the virtual and digital world.  you will be more smarter, healthier and happier.

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