How you should be using a foam roller after a workout

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As an athlete and a trainer, foam rolling is a necessary part of my essential recovery strategy. I recommend that everyone should incorporate a foam roller into their routine as recovery is essential if you wish to get the best results when it comes to your performance. I suggest spending time on the foam roller at least three days per week.

The foam roller relieves tension in the muscles while also lengthening them helping you not only to recover but gain flexibility.

The foam roller can also be used to target tension points.Whether it be muscle tension from your workout or a previous injury that is causing you ongoing pain and immobility. The foam roller can be used to release tension where the muscle tissue has fused together and free up movement once again.

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The foam roller helps with all your general muscle groups. Whether it’s the bigger muscle groups you need help with or your smaller muscles using a foam roller can speed up the recovery of your training so you can be back on track to reaching your exercise goals faster.

Whether you exercise or not, a foam roller can help you with postural imbalances from hunching your back or spending too much time sitting at a desk or a car.

So no matter your fitness status, a foam roller can have many health benefits to help you with your daily movements. Here’s how to target some of the most troublesome muscles:


To roll out your calves, sit with your legs stretched flat on the floor. Behind your buttocks place your hands flat to support your body in an L shape. Take the foam roller and place it under your calf muscles. From there roll the foam roller slowly from the back of your knees to the back of your ankle. Continue this motion up and down 20 times. Repeat set three times.


Remain sitting in L shape, legs flat on the floor and hands behind back to support your body. Place foam roller under your left knee. Place your right leg over your left leg and roll the foam roller along the underside of your knee and up under your buttocks, then back down to your knee 20 times. Repeat set three times on both right and left side.

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Outer Thighs

Now roll over to your right side and place the foam roller under the side of your right hip. Engage your glutes and core muscles to help balance and place your right arm straight under the side of your right body to hold you up and the left arm comes over your body parallel to your right arm to help balance you on your right side. Roll the foam roller slowly along the right side of your outer knee to the outside of your buttocks 20 times. Repeat three times on both right and left.


Place the foam roller under your lower back, lean back resting your lower back on the foam roller and place your arms behind you for balance. Engage your core muscles, slowly roll the foam roller up towards your back by bending your knees and squeezing your buttocks towards your heel. Roll back and forth between lower back and shoulder blades 20 times. Repeat set three times.

Ben Lucas is a former NRL player, qualified personal trainer and the co-founder of Flow Athletic.

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