‘My 20-year-old self is different to my 29-year-old self’

The age-old debate of whether getting old is a joy or burden will forever divide us.

On one hand you have those that love the idea of finding their soulmate, starting a family, and having to deal with the delights of having a baby – midnight wake up calls, the crying, living in a messy house 24/7, and having to say goodbye forever to Saturday night drinks with the girls and self-care Fridays.

And then on the other hand you have those that go through a midlife crisis before their 30th birthday, making sure they slop on all the anti-ageing serums and collagen eye creams every morning and night.

However, becoming a parent is nowhere near as horrible as we’ve just described it to be, and good new just in, Rachael Finch may have settled this ageing debate once and for all.

The new mother-of-two admits that her life has completely changed since becoming a mum, and has given up a lot of her old life to take care of her children. In saying this, she admits that “it’s all being for the better.”

“What I may have done when I was 21 or 22, my likes and dislikes, and interests and values have changed so it’s just naturally evolved in that direction. What I enjoy doing now is different to what I enjoyed doing back then,” the Bellamy’s Organic ambassador told myBody+Soul.

“My 20 year old self is so different to my 29 year old self, and my personality has evolved and I’ve evolved as a woman.”

Although she explains that “you definitely lose that single life so it doesn’t become about you anymore”, she still makes sure she sets aside time for herself, which she wants ever mother to learn to do.

“It’s so essential to treat yourself. There’s that whole saying that ‘you can’t give from an empty cup,’ and that self-care is an area I’m incredibly passionate about.

“We really need to fill our cup and that side of us that makes us feel alive and thriving and active and nourished, and then we can go back to our family and go back to our jobs and give it 100 per cent.”

Hey, take it from the woman who not only has two children, but also has her own online health program Body By Finch, an activewear line B.O.D by Finch, and somehow manages to also stay incredibly fit.

But if you’re finding yourself trying to give from an empty cup day in day out, just follow your new gal-pal’s three tips of advice on how she stays energized as a new mum.

“First and foremost, the food I am eating, the movement that I’m giving my body, and what I’m doing for my mind are the three things that I tick off all the time.

“As much as possible, I eat certified organic produce with no toxic elements or pesticides. Then daily movement in some capacity whether that’s one of my circuits or some sort of endurance based workout, or just going for a walk somewhere. Then meditation and mindfulness activities, so finding ways to be actively present and really work on that every day so my mind can have time to recover.”

And as for feeding the family, she’s got that down pat, too.

For starters, she swears by smoothies as a quick and easy way of giving her family a “massive punch of vitamins and minerals”. Her go-to recipe is in fact, so damn delicious that her daughter has called it her own: ‘Violet’s Purple Pink Smoothie’. It’s basically just a combination of "blueberries, banana, coconut milk, spinach, macadamia nut butter, a bit of cinnamon and sometimes a date.”

As for dinner, it’s as simple as popping all the ingredients onto a tray and baking them all together for “minimal fuss and ease.” She also loves cooking her nourishing “eggplant coconut curry that’s literally vegetables, eggplants, chickpeas, and other delicious ingredients just simmered in some coconut milk and some spices.”

Yes, she makes it sound incredibly simple and quite frankly, we’re still confused as to how she manages to still look like a 20 year old, but all we can say for now is obviously her tips on acing parenthood are working for her, and hence, we need to get on board the Finch train.

To leave you with some parting words of wisdom, from mother-to-mother, she stresses the importance of trusting your intuition and letting go of all the self-doubt.

“Always try and listen to your intuition and trust your own instinct and gut. No one at the end of the day knows you and your baby better than you.

“And whilst there are a lot of things to read and a lot of people’s opinions out there, at the end of the day it’s yours that matters the most and you are the one who is most in tune with your body so just listening to that is incredibly important.”

For more on Rachael Finch, this is her top beauty hack. Plus, her 8 minute ab workout will leave your core on fire.

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