Novel Coronavirus COVID-19

Novel Coronavirus – This is live count keeps changing as and when it gets updated.

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This gives you an idea where the virus is spreading on daily basis. This will also help you to plan your travel around the world accordingly.

But our suggesting is to avoid unnecessary travel and crowded places and dont panic. We hope that situation will improve once summer sets in.

Also check if Corona virus is curable.

Some more precautions to be taken

  1. Avoid Crowding
  2. Do not leave the house except if very necessary
  3. Use masks in public places
  4. Use Hand sanitizers after shaking hands with people
  5. Be in Sun
  6. Keep your immune strong
  7. Drink hot drinks
  8. do not spread or believe in rumors
  9. chew Vitamin C tablets

I wish everyone contributes by spreading it generously so that everyone benfefits and protects themselves and others from this virus.

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