Organic Handmade Soaps

Organic is a buzz word today. every were we see Organic. People wants to get rid of chemicals may it be for internal consumption like packet food or vegetables loaded with pesticides to external applications like soaps and shampoos.

The fact is that may be it internal or external. anything which is loaded with chemicals is harmful to human beings.

Soaps are made from chemical and cleaning agent which rips the skin from moisture. they may smell good and brands advertise and pack them beautifully. but end of the day they are harmful to our skin, hair and eyes.

We lather, scrub and spray every day, just think how many chemicals is your skin getting exposed to? Not that every chemical is bad for the skin – but when you consider the number of times we use a soap, perfume, lotion, cream and make-up, no one really knows the long term affect.

So what is the alternate ?

Lets turn back to nature. There are lot of cleaning agents and natural products which are loaded with vitamins, combination of few fruit extracts, Mud and herbs are best for our skin and hair.

In olden times people used to wash using mud and lemon juice. also fruit pulps were used as face mask and honey and eggs were used as hair conditioners.

fortunately today people are again turning back to organic. There are lot of options available where you can get organic soaps, shampoos and face masks.

Why not start by using products that nature has provided us and avoid synthetic chemicals

Organic Soaps

Fresh, handmade and natural beauty products are vegetarian and do not release toxic fumes and emissions throughout their manufacturing process.

Use of authentic handmade tools, time-tested methods and practices also contribute in cutting down greenhouse gases and using resources more efficiently.

for example Apple Face Scrub uses actual apples and brown sugar. These natural components will make your skin glow beautifully! Not just that, you get an all-natural scrub that is good for your skin and that removes all the dead cells and debris that has clogged up your pores. Your skin is coming in contact with substances it knows and recognizes. It is not being subjected to an alien ingredient, which explains why your skin usually responds positively and glows after using natural, handmade, fresh products!

Organic Soap Contains All-Natural Products But, with that being said, making sure all your other soap ingredients are also organic which not only helps the environment, but helps your skin and body as well.

Morning time is shower time, not because it is a ritual to be performed, but because it is a pre requisite to how our day will unfold! . A luxurious bath doesn’t depend on the exorbitant amounts you spend on purchasing that top of the line soap or shower gel, but on what you feed your skin with.

lets go natural ………