Papaya’s leaves TEA

Papaya’s leaves can help any cancer with proper consumption within very short span of time

We all know the health benefits of Papaya fruit but the benefits of papaya’s leaves is not know to many people. we must have known limited use of Papaya’s leaves. especially in increasing of platelets count, dementia, skin problem, dengue etc.

you will be surprised to know the many other advantages of Papaya’s leaves.

In only few weeks you can get rid of serious illness like cancer. Dr Balvant Shekhavat’s study suggest that Papaya’s leaves have natural qualities. Every part of Papaya’s plant such as fruit, seed, leaves, branches and root have medicinal power to destroy cancel cells and it can help to reduce further growth of cancer cell.

Research in the university of Florida in 2010 suggest that Papaya’s leaves have medicinal power to kill cancerous cells.

It can help in all sorts of cancer including breast cancer, Lung cancer, cervix caner and liver cancer.

Papaya can increase the production of Th1 cytoknes chemical which prevents the growth of cancer cells and improves immune system of the body

Papaya Leaf
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Papaya’s leaves contains PAPAIN SALT which has an enzyme called proteolytic that helps to break outer layer of protein in cancer cell and makes it difficult for cancer cells to spread in a body.

Boil papaya leaves in hot water, add some honey and have it regularly, this tea gets absorbed by patients’s blood and activate macrophages in blood which strengthens immune system and helps eradicate cancer cells.

In Chemotherapy the immune system is suppressed whereas Papaya’s leaves tea activate immune system.

Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy affected normal cells of body as well and can even damage the healthy cells of the body where as Papaya affects only cancer cell and does not have any side effect. infact it have many side benefits.

other way to prepare Papaya leaves tea is take 6-8 papaya leaves and let it dry in sun. once its dried crush the leaves into a fine powder.

take 500 ml water add the papaya leaves power and let it boil till half of the water is evaporated. let it cool and consume this tea 3 to 4 times a day.

do not reheat the tea. make fresh every time and have it regularly for 3 to 4 months. you will be surprised with the results if you consistently take this tea as advised.

Papaya leaves power

Note : After taking this tea do not eat or drink anything for 30 to 40 minutes.