Peel garlic in a record twenty SECONDS with this incredible trick

Peeling a garlic is the most daunting task. that’s the reason 80% of the people buy ready made garlic paste and compromise on both taste and health.

Ready made garlic paste are not fresh and we are not sure of the quality being used. Some cheap brands may even add chemicals to preserve it long or may mix with some cheap edible stuff to increase the quantity.

When you prepare a dish with freshly grind home based garlic the aroma and taste is much better compare to ready made ginger garlic or garlic paste.

so why compromise on your health while you can have home made garlic stuff quickly and easily.

Garlic is a healthy vegetable which enhances the taste and aroma of your dishes.

lets look some tricks and hacks to peel garlic paste.

garlic peeler

  1. Warm Water method
  2. Microwave Method
  3. Rub & shake Method
  4. Move wildly in a box method
  5. Stay tuned for more methods

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