RO water pros and cons

Reverse Osmosis treated water or RO water may not be as good for you as you think.

The WHO states that your fancy filter may be stripping water of its necessary Nutrients.

Water Purifiers with advanced technology to clean your drinking water are the norm in most households. The Jargons like UV, UE, Ro, Immunity boost, etc are attracting consumers to go for it.

According to latest directive from world health organization RO filters strip away calcium, magnesium and other necessary nutrients from water.

In fact, developed countries like USA, Russia and Germany have already shunned RO systems for drinking water and choosing activated carbon,, instead for purification., In India and other countries, the RO systems both commercial and domestic continue to flourish, as there are no regulations in place to check this.


At this time when getting pure water is next to impossible, RO systems provide the next best option as far as convenience is concerned, says clinical nutritionist Sreemathy venkataram. there are pros and cons to using RO water. The way around it would be to boil water, but the argument now is that it contributes to a waste of fuel.

But even in RO more than 50% of the water is wasted.

The risk is children who grow up only consuming RO water is devoid of many minerals that are needed by the human body. The spike in auto immune diseases can be attributed to sustained of sterilized items in our environment. we are now allowing our immune system to develop. RO water is also detrimental for dental health

RO has some advantages like it removes impurities and keeps diseases at Bay, specially the water based diseases. also RO water contains no lead, reducing the risk of High BP and keeps kidney and liver diseases away.

It also does not contain water parasites which can get into the digestive tract and cause gastrointestinal diseases, RO water contains no sodium, making it perfect for those on a limited sodium diet.

Copper RO
Goodness of copper in RO water


RO water being acidic in nature dissolves carbon dioxide, it is further turned aggressive leading to severe acidity. The German Society for Nutrition has warned against use of demineralized water

The RO reject (High TDS concentrated water). specially the contaminated ground water, this makes it ecologically unfriendly and poses serious threat to the public health. the Reject from the RO process aggravates the global water crisis

RO, either independently or in combination with UV and UF, is highly energy intensive from both manufacturing as well as operation perspective, the high emission of greenhouse gases while manufacturing and its electricity dependent operation, makes it environment unfriendly.

RO systems excel at removing water impurities, but they also remove the beneficial mineral, in fact, RO process removes 92-98 % of beneficial calcium and magnesium

Water heals diseases

So readers, There are pros and cons of drinking RO water. and its not easy to decide whether to ditch RO system and go back to our good old days of boiling water and keeping in mud or copper pot. and filtering the impurities with alum and sand.

Some expert speak of structured water however even this is not yet proved

let us know your views in comments below and suggest if you have any alternative.