Running at this time of day will turbo-charge weight loss

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Swap your midday workout for an evening sweat sesh and not only will you beat the worst of the summer heat, you may also maximise your overall kilojoule burn.

According to a new study published in Current Biology, your body’s resting metabolic rate (the amount of energy you burn while lazing around) increases by 10 per cent during the late afternoon and early evenings. This means a post-work run could be the key to turbocharging your weight-loss efforts.

T conduct the study, researchers kept seven participants in a lab isolated from the outside for 37 days – here, they lived in windowless rooms without clocksl, phones or the internet. Their food intake was controlled and calorie-burning exercise was avoided.

Researchers noted that calorie burn was lowest in the late biological night when the body’s core temperature falls. The biological time of day refers to the times our bodies naturally recognise as sleeping and wakeful hours. Calorie burn was highest about 12 hours later, in the biological afternoon and evening hour.

As well as identifying a spike in metabolic burn, the study also uncovered a dip in energy expenditure during the late evening and early morning, so if you’re keen to torch extra kilojoules, it might be worth pushing your breakfast back a few hours, too.

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