Saffron and its benefits

Saffron, Kesar, or Zaffran is all the same.  Also known as a miracle herb.

In this Bog, I’m going to discuss a few reasons why adding saffron to your diet is important to health and wellness. There are many benefits of Saffron. which are mentioned below, many Ayurvedic and Unani practitioners use saffron in their medicines and prescriptions

The tiny red thread-like strands are the stigma from a small, purple crocus. It is the world’s most expensive spice. it is so expensive because each crocus flower provides only three stigmas that are picked and dried by hand during short yearly flowering seasons.

To produce one ounce of saffron it takes tens of thousands of individual strands.  The good news is that a little goes a long way.

When you see a large quantity of saffron at a reasonable price it is likely fake. Saffron, being so expensive has had clever marketers create imitation saffron in a big way around the world.  One of the big imitators is safflower petals because they look a little like saffron but are lacking the flavor of the real thing.

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The name saffron comes from an Arabic word Zaffran.

Health Benefits of Saffron

  • Saffron acts as anti-depressant when consumed regularly in prescribed quantities.
  • Strengthen the heart
    – Control cholesterol
    – Build immunity
    – Improve vision, memory and blood circulation
    – Ease cough and asthma
    – Heal the skin and enhance its texture
    – Detoxify the body
    – Reduces inflammations and fevers
    – Alleviates depression
    – Calms nervousness and anxiety
    – Regulates menstruation

Other than health benefits it is used as food colorant especially the Biryani prepared in Iran, the Middle East and few places in India use Saffron as an alternative to synthetic food coloring. it gives a pleasant aroma and perfect color.

Never use artificial food color instead use natural and healthy saffron.

Add little saffron in warm milk and consume it before going to bed, this will enhance your sleep quality and also cures cough and cold. This should be consumed in the winter season.

Mix little Saffron to milk and apply it on your facial skin, It results in glowing and healthy skin.

The best saffron is from Iran, Afganistan, Kashmir, and Spain

Kesar MIlk, Kesar Tea is served to guests in India and Iran and is considered one of its rich traditions. Kids are given kesar waala doodh (saffron milk) every night during the winter season as it helps in enhancing their concentrations in studies and acts as a shield against many diseases.

Saffron was a regular part of the Kings and Royals life, Their bathtubs will filled with rose petals and Saffron. Their perfumes were made from the saffron extract and this spice was regularly added to their royal dishes. as they were aware of its benefits both internally and externally.  This was the secret of their beauty and health.

The milk made with mixing saffron and turmeric is popularly known as Golden Milk

Where to Buy saffron?

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