Sam Wood’s tips on creating a workout program you’ll want to live by

You might be kicking goals now, but here’s how to still be kicking them come December 2017.

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So you decided that 2017 is going to be your year. You started strong, going for jogs in the morning. Switching drink dates to Pilates session with friends in the evenings and love this new found energy you’re feeling.

But now you’re headed back to work and pretty soon that busy routine will see those gym sessions switched out for work commitments, and those good intentions will begin melting away just like your summer holidays.

Here, celebrity trainer Sam Wood sheds light on how to create a fitness regime that is actually sustainable through deadlines, socialising and the days you just don’t feel like doing anything.

Sam’s tips:

#1 Don’t start with too much

Commit to what you think is realistic and do-able. Start by doing a couple of sessions a week that are easily worked into your schedule and routine.

#2 Make sure you lock your workouts in as an appointment that cannot be broken

You’d never miss a meeting or a doctor’s appointment – so why would you skip a fitness session? Put it in the diary and treat it as a non-negotiable daily task.

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#3 Make it FUN

It’s a simple fact: if you like what you are doing, you’re going to want to do it more. Plus, it won’t feel like a chore.

#4 Convenience is key

If you need to travel long distances or master a skill it often won’t last. Keep it simple, easy and close to home.

#5 It’s all about variety and consistency

Move (not necessarily workout) but MOVE every day. Mix it up. Remember quality over quantity. A great 30 minutes of something every day (sometimes hard, sometimes easy) is all you need.

#6 You have to be in the right mindset to start

You need to understand and know why you’re taking on this fitness routine. If you don’t have a greater purpose than ‘just because’ it’s not likely to last throughout the year.

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#7 Continue to mix it up

People give up on exercise throughout the year because they do the same thing over and over and get bored and their results plateau. Even if there is repetition in your workout structure if you mix it up and push yourself you will continue to get results, which are motivating and make you want to keep going.

#8 Stay motivated

It’s important first of all to understand and accept that motivation will fluctuate. Some days you just need to dig deep and remind yourself of why you are doing it and other days you might need one of the following little external tricks to fire yourself up:

  • Train with friend and keep each other accountable
  • Get a new playlist
  • Track your workout with a Fitbit or another tracking device
  • Reward yourself as you go (but not with food). A new pair of runners, a massage – something that is for you, from you.

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