Skin Warts treatment

Skin warts treatment are harmless and these warts itself are harmless except that these skin warts does not give pleasant look to your personality specially if they are on visible areas such as face, neck or hands

People often avoid going to doctors and look for home based painless way to get rid of skin tags. However the first step is to at least consult your family doctors and then there are ways to treat it at home simple and painless

lets looks at some effective ways to remove skin warts :

Though skin tags are generally harmless and dont cause any pain however once you have them you cannot wait to get rid of them

Check with your doctor first. before trying any DIY. its always a great idea to consult a doctor. and to avoid any serious problem in future. A doctor may want to perform a biopsy as a precaustion. dont be lazy your health and well bieng should be your number one priority at all time

Apple CV is an Ideal skin warts treatment at home

Apart from being a wonderful salad dressing. ACV has tons of health benefits, Studies have shown its natural acidity is great for removing skin tags because it can breakup skin tissue. allowing the warts to come off. give it try

start of by soaking a cotton ball in ACV and squeezing out the access liquid. once you have done that simple place it on the skin tag and use a band aid to keep cotton ball on place. for better result keep the band aid over night. you will notice after few days the wart turns black and dry and eventually falls off. make sure you are consistently doing it for at least a week to 10 days.

Ginger :

Ginger is fully of of different bio active compound . which allows to fight skin tags effectively and quickly. clean the effective area and make usre its completely drive. rub a slice of raw ginger on it about 2 minutes. you will notice some juice coming out of ginger. simply leave it on skin so that it can do its work. repeating this process 4 to5 times a days gives you best possible result

Tee Tee oil

Another awsome product that can help you deal with sin tag. it has anti microbal and anti funal and anifrual properies. plus its completely safe to use on skina nd simple to apply. clean th eeffective area properly . put 3 drop s on cotton pad and gently message on kisn for quick andeffective result apply this 3 to 4 times a day

Oregano and coconut oil.

while we are on topic of different oil. these 2 oils have great solution for skin tags. oregano oil is naturally anti microbial and anti fungal coconut oil is packed with lauric acid. which is commonly used for treating warts. thanks to its powerful antibacterial properties.

quicklime with detergent :

This is very effective treatment for skin warts, but make sure to avoid if you have sensitive skin and avoid on face. Also not advisable for kids

mix equal amount of quicklime and detergent. (pea nut size). and put directly on wart. Apply little oil on surrounding area (not on wart) prior to applying the quicklime (Chuna). as it may burn the skin surrounding the wart, so coconut oil is a must around the skin wart.

within one hour your wart will fall off, it will have slight bleeding but thats normal as it burns the wart from within. once the wart falls apart apply an anti septic cream and thats it.

What not to do for effective skin wart treatment

Skin warts treatment can be done at home and does not require any clinical visit, however its better to consult your family physician before any home based treatment.

Avoid spicy and sugary foods for few days as these foods are not good for any skin problems.

Avoid touch your hands to your face and keep your hands clean

Fried food is big no no

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