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What is structured water?

Water is the most common resource found in nature and is one of the main elements. Revitalizing our bodies and the earth itself, water plays a very important role in healing as well as nurturing us. It is a well known fact that drinking sufficient amounts of water on a daily basis can help to keep the cells of our body hydrated and also removes toxins from our body. Water also helps to transport oxygen to different parts of our body. However, it can be safely said that the water that we mostly have access to these days is in no way enriched and powerful compared to the water our ancestors used to drink at one point of time.

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The reason for this is that most of the water these days is made available to us after heavy cleaning or processing. According to the concept of “structured water,” any water that has been processed or mechanically cleaned loses some of its energy or vibrancy. This is because it loses some of its naturalness when it is processed. Structured water can be described as the water that is found in nature. Numerous researchers believe that the structured water molecules that we hold within the cells of our body might hold higher levels of electrical charges which can improve the functioning of our cells.

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If the water molecules in our cells remain optimally charged, they can enhance the functioning of the muscles and tissues that are present in our body. On the other hand, when water gets mechanically filtered or treated with chemicals, they often get contaminated with toxins and pollutants. This can give rise to very high water toxicity along with abnormal levels of estrogen in our water. It changes the structure of water which reduces its healing benefits. To make water suitable for usage, many people use natural water softener products. However there are now numerous maintenance free water softeners that can work well for achieving this goal.

Benefits of structured water

Whether you intend to use structured water for residential purposes or structured water for agriculture uses, it can offer a wide range of benefits. When structured water enters our bodies, it raises the energy levels, helps in digestion, allows us to benefit from enzymes that can assist with nutrient absorption, boost our concentration power, work on muscle contractions, regulates cholesterol and blood pressure levels and improves respiration.

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