Sure Vision

Sure Vision claims that its is a vision correction apparatus in the form of a glass with a series of pinhole-sized perforations. Sure Vision is based on MC-RECO (an acronym for Micro Cavity Refractive Error Correction Occluder)

Technique and Research by the Vision Care Society, USA. Each tiny round hole in the glass blocks indirect rays from entering the eye, thus preventing them from distorting your vision.

However, Before you buy this product get some reviews with people who have purchased it and then only decide if it really helps or not

we are presenting few FAQs from company website which can help you decide

How long should I wear Sure Vision?

Wear Sure Vision for 5-10 minutes initially while reading, working on computer or watching TV to get used to seeing through the pin holes. Frequent use will result in clarity of vision.

Who can use this eye wear?

Irrespective of age groups, anyone can use Sure Vision. It is extremely beneficial for people with refractive errors.

Can I use it outdoors?

Do not wear Sure Vision while driving or going outdoors for safety considerations as it may block peripheral vision.

Should I minimize the use of prescription glasses?

Substituting the overpowered glasses with Sure Vision helps improve vision clarity gradually. Use whenever it is safe and appropriate.

How to store the Cool Mask?

Store Cool Mask at a cool and dry place. Do not store this at a place of bright sunshine.

How does Sure Vision Work?

Naturally, our eye receives light from different angles and if our lens or cornea isn’t in perfect shape, the images may become blurred (Termed as ‘Refractive Errors’) while passing through the eye structure. This happens because the incoming light in the eye does not strike on the exact spot of vision in the retina. Technically, Sure Vision allows a narrow beam of light to enter the eye which further increases the depth of the field and reduces the size of the circle on the retina. This results in improved brightness, contrast and sharpness of the images coming from different angles. It not only helps get rid of visual impairment but also aids in reducing eye strain symptoms.


Wear Sure Vision while working on computer or watching TV.

Take a vision break for 1-2 minutes after every 15 minutes of reading, working on computer and other activities.

Do not wear it while playing sports or outdoors as peripheral vision may be blocked.

Never look directly into the sun after wearing Sure Vision glasses.

What is the safe and natural way to improve eye sight ?

As per our ancestors and some scientific evidence walking fare foot on the grass improves eye sight. walking barefoot on grass not only improves the eyesight but also has other health benefits. listen to this little girl on some advantages of walking on grass

Eye Massager
Eve Vibrator for healthy eyes

It now widely accepted that small hole glasses do improve vision for suffering with refractive error eye disorders, even ophthalmologists use small hole equipment to check eyes for refractive disorder.

Experience 10-20% vision improvement in 2-4 weeks.
Wearing for 15 minutes one day will help to improve your eyesight within weeks.
Activates your natural vision ability to see clearly.
Helps you see clearly near and far.
Promotes vision habits.

Under eye Gel
Under Eye Gel for healthy eyes

1. Normal vision has no effect, but it hinders vision and sight.
2. Do not wear dynamic activities such as driving, cycling, sports…
3. Do not look directly at the sun when wearing glasses.
4. Look at the near object (within 30 cm) and do not need to wear it.
5. Wear 30~60 minutes every day, watch TV or class, and improve the effect.
6. Poor light or poor reading posture at close range can affect the ability to focus and feel eye strain.

Check out some of the benefits as claimed by Sure Vision