This is what to eat in a day if you’re trying to build muscle, according to F45

Don’t let all that gruelling training go to waste. Here’s how to eat to build muscle – the F45 way. 

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If you’re looking to build muscle, the experts at F45 have a food plan they advise will complement all those pull ups and shoulder presses you’ve been grinding through.

In their popular eight week challenge, the nutrition portion recommended alongside the hard training (three to five 45-minute functional training sessions a week are ideal) is as crucial – some would even argue more so – than the nerve-busting work that actually occurs inside the gym.

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Split into three phases including detoxing (you can read what to eat in a day if you want to cleanse your system the F45 way here), muscle building and fat shredding, the second part of the program “is the longest phase members will be in, during their body transformation journey,” according to the gym’s nutrition team.

“The nutrition in the muscle-definition phase is based on a balanced diet of 45 per cent lean protein, 40 per cent complex carbohydrates and 15 per cent healthy fats,” so yes, the old ‘you are what you eat adage’ certainly stands true – especially when it comes to toning up.

“Based on these macronutrient percentages, this phase will support muscle hypertrophy, assist in muscle recovery and repair and spur healthy fat loss results. Completing the muscle defining phase will prep the body for entering the shock mode phase (stay tuned for exactly what that involves) in week seven and eight of the challenge.”

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But – challenge or not – if building muscle is your primary fitness goal, here’s a exactly what F45 recommend you eat in a day:

Breakfast: Fried eggs with garlic kale mix

Morning tea: Kiwifruit and almonds

Lunch: Middle Eastern beef bowl

Afternoon tea: Salmon and cucumber bowl

Dinner: Peri peri chicken with sweet potato wedges

In other words, your meal prepping plan is sorted. The rest? Well, that’s on you.

For more on the F45 Challenge, head here. The next eight-week program starts on February 6, 2017.

If you are concerned about your weight or the state of your health, book an appointment with your GP who will be able to advise a correct tretament plan.

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