This is your complete Victoria’s Secret pilates workout

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Did you know you’ve been working out wrong?

We actually should be trying to engage our entire body every time we workout instead of focusing on specific body parts. Doing this will result in long, lean muscles.

Says who? The Queen of Pilates (aka Kirsten King), who is the woman behind the toned and fit body that belongs to Victoria’s Secret model Georgia Fowler. Oh, and if you want some more name-dropping, Pip Edwards, Miss Hadcore-Abs Jesinta Franklin, and the beyond gorgeous Elle Ferguson swear by King’s workouts. Need we same more?

Honestly speaking, this Pilates workout will make your HIIT session feel like a stroll through the park.

Pelvic Curls – Small V

Start on your back with your feet in a small v (toes apart and heels together and lifted). Inhale to begin then exhale as you roll your pubic bone towards your belly button and lift your bottom gently off the ground.

Continue to lift the remained of the spine off the ground as you press through your heels and keep your legs glued together. Exhale as you gently roll your spine and bottum back to the start position.

Do 10 reps three times.

Kirsten’s tips:

  • Make sure your legs are turned out from the hip and your knees are pointed towards your second toe.
  • You should be aware of the side of your glutes as well as the back of your legs.
  • Try to keep the 10 reps continuous.
  • Reduce your range of movement if your back is active or hurting.

Pliés – legs parallel

Start standing with your legs parallel and your hands gently resting on a bench or chair. Inhale to prepare and as you exhale gently begin to sit your bottom backwards. Bend your knees to lower you down. Hold with your bottom just above knee height. Inhale and hold then exhale as you return to standing. Make sure you drive through your heels and gently pull your glutes together.

Repeat with heels lifted and take your bottom a little lower for this sequence.

Kirsten’s tips:

  • Keep gently squeezing your shoulder blades together the whole time.
  • Gently pull you tummy away from your pants. Let it feel wide and flat as you pull it in and away.
  • Make sure you keep the movement flowing. Take 3 counts to go down and 3 counts to come up.

Kneeling side overs

Start kneeling with one leg long out to the side. Your hands are behind your head and elbows are slightly forward (so you can see them out of the corner of your eye). Inhale as you lower your elbows towards the ground, then exhale as you return to your starting position.

Do each side twice for 15 reps each.

Kirsten’s tips:

  • Move your body down and up as if you are between two plates of glass.
  • Make sure your abs are pulling in the entire time.
  • Keep your hips forward and glutes gently on.

Side lying glutes

Lie on your side with your legs pulled up into a right angle (knees in front of your hips and your shins running down the front of the mat). Inhale as you lift your top leg up in one piece, exhale to lower down to almost tough the underneath leg.

Do 20 reps then rest, and then do 10 reps (repeat once on each side)

Kirsten’s tips:

  • Make sure you keep your leg level (hip, knee and ankle)
  • Keep your hips stacked so you can fit your hand under your waist
  • Keep your abs pulling away from your top at all times.
  • Maintain a neutral spine (bottom sticking out behind you a little)

Leg circles

Same set up as before. Keep the leg in the right angle and circle it around 10 times in both directions. Repeat 8, 6,4 and 2 times.

Reverse Abs with Ball

Lay on your back with your legs in table top. Place the ball behind your knees and gently press down to hold onto it. Inhale to hold and as you exhale gently roll your bottom back and off the floor as you lift it just off the ground. Control the body as you roll back down to your start position.

Do 20 reps then repeat 3 times.

Kirsten’s tips:

  • Keep shoulders and arms relaxed.
  • Flatten your tummy as you lift your bottom off the ground.
  • Keep the 20 reps continues

Kirsten King is the Founder of Fluid Form Pilates.

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