This simple stretch is the easiest and quickest way to calm down

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Rough day? Try this.

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When you can’t make it to yoga (and even a YouTube tutorial in your lounge room seems out of reach) Lauren Bunce, pilates and yoga instructor says there is one stretch you can do that will instantly calm you down.

It won’t have the same effect as a full hour (and a half, or longer, depending on your preferred practice, really) but after a long day when your stress levels are hotter than your overcooked dinner, a wide leg child’s pose will quiet your nerves, help you come back to (or simply just catch) your breath and lower your blood pressure.

“Ask anyone with neck and back issues, and they’ll tell you they carry their stress in this area. Child’s pose will help alleviate some of this tension instantly. This pose also helps your body rest – however active your mind might be – and your nervous system will follow,” says Bunce.

“If you’re struggling to get centred, simply come back to the breath, once you get yourself into this position. Close your eyes and breathe in for three counts and out for three counts, pausing for one count between each cycle. This will send out stress relieving messages to your body.”

Hopefully, it listens.

For more information from Lauren Bunce, head here.

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