Touch your toes in five days with Lauren Hannaford

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Boost your flexibility with a former elite gymnast. 

Former elite gymnast Lauren Hannaford takes you through the exercises to do in order to improve your flexibility fast.

myBody+Soul has collaborated with former elite gymnast and founder of FHIT training Lauren Hannaford to bring you fitness how-tos with a fresh approach. Every week, for four weeks, we'll bring you a new routine, because we could all use the strength, precision and focus gymnasts harness, when it comes to working out.

If you want to improve your flexibility – but aren’t quite sure where to start – go back to basics and master the godfather of agility-boosting movements: the toe-touch.

Greater flexibility can help you with strength training, improve your endurance, enhance your performance and can even help prevent injuries – but if you’re thinking this form of fitness is all about complex contortions, think again.

Start with these easy moves, and master a new one each day, for five days, until you can reach down – and stay there – comfortably. It’s short, effective and the best bit? There’s no equipment – or even gym time – required.

Talent: Lauren Hannaford
Videographer: Nigel Lough
Creative director: Genevieve Rosen
Clothes: Nimble activewear and Running Bare.

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