Where is the virus ? Is it every where ?

Now a days we are surrounded by Virus 24×7. You check your mobile, TV, Internet or talk to any body. The only thing you hear is Corona Virus.

Is the Virus on My Clothes? My Shoes? My Hair? My Newspaper?  Many people are fearful about tracking the virus into their homes on their clothes, their shoes, the parcels they receive , the packet of bread or food and also the newspaper.

Mentioned below are few questions which are common across the Globe and its important that people understand them very well

Do I need to change the clothes and shower when I come home from the grocery store?

For most of us who are practicing social distancing and making only required trips to the grocery store or pharmacy, experts agree that it’s not necessary to change clothes or take a shower when you return home. You should, however, always wash your hands. While it’s true that a sneeze or cough from an infected person can propel viral droplets and smaller particles through the air, most of them will drop to the ground.

Studies show that some small viral particles could float in the air for about half an hour, but they don’t swarm like gnats and are unlikely to collide with your clothes. “A droplet that is small enough to float in air for a while also is unlikely to deposit on clothing because of aerodynamics,” said Linsey Marr, an aerosol scientist at Virginia Tech. “The droplets are small enough that they’ll move in the air around your body and clothing.”

We Humans don’t usually move fast enough for this to happen,” Dr. Marr continued. “As we move, we push air out of the way, and most of the droplets and particles get pushed out of the way, too. Someone would have to spray large droplets through talking — a spit talker — coughing or sneezing for them to land on our clothes. The droplets have to be large enough that they don’t follow the streamlines.”

So, if you’re on road or at a grocery shop and somebody sneezes on you, you probably do want to go home, change and shower. But the rest of the time, take comfort that your slow-moving body is pushing air and viral particles away from your clothes, a result of simple physics.

What are the chances that the Covid-19 virus could be in my hair or beard?

For all the reasons mentioned above, you should not be worried about viral contamination of your hair or beard if you are practicing social distancing. However if someone sneezed on the back of your head, any droplets that landed on your hair would be an unlikely source of infection.

“You have to think through the process of what would have to happen for someone to become infected,” said Dr. Andrew Janowski, instructor of pediatric infectious diseases at Washington University School of Medicine St. Louis Children’s Hospital. “You have someone who sneezes, and they have to have X amount of virus in the sneeze. Then there has to be so many drops that land on you.”

“Then you have to touch that part of your hair or clothing that has those droplets, which already have a significant reduction in viral particles, Then you have to touch that, and then touch whatever part of your face, to come into contact with it. When you go through the string of events that must occur, such an extended number of things have to happen just right. That makes it a very low risk.”

The Emergence of Inactivated Vaccines | Bharat Biotech

What about News paper and other packages we get online deliveries ?

The risk of contamination from handling mail or packages is extremely low and, at this point, only theoretical. There are no documented cases of someone getting sick from opening a package or reading a newspaper.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take precautions. After handling mail or packages or reading the newspaper, dispose of the packaging and wash your hands. If you still feel especially anxious about it, take guidance from the doctors. its best to have the packages or anything you get from outside sit for 8 to 10 hours before handling them.

Is it safe to take an elevator ? I live in apartment on the 14th floor

Yes it’s safe to take an elevator but you should wear a mask and wash your hands. try to keep wipes with you and wipe elevator buttons — partly for yourself and as a courtesy to the next person who may not have a wipe!

you can also use key or toothpick so that you avoid touching the buttons. avoid getting into elevator if somebody is already in. as if they sneeze the distance is very low between the two and the chances are high if other person is already infected. Be safe. you never know.

I advise you to take steps. we are already in lockdown and the physical movement has decreased by 60 to 70%. this is a good opportunity to keep you physically active and also safe in comparison to elevators.

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