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Tandurasti means Health and Health is wealth.

We focus on Health related topics from ancient Indian, Ayurveda & Islamic medicinal values along with fitness tips to modern lifestyle guidelines.

we encourage viewers to consult your doctor before taking any oral intake provided on our website or anywhere on Internet.

Combining ancient culture with modern science is what we are trying to provide our readers. If you would like to have content on any particular topic please drop us a line and we will surely try to bring a valuable article on your requested topic.

The articles are tips provided are sourced from different books, Doctors podcasts and other media and its not our own view.

Our mission at tandurasti.com  is to restore health, strength and vitality by providing thoroughly researched health articles to help YOU, to transform your health, whether by natural remedies, specific diet plans and recipes, key nutrients and foods, and detailed fitness workouts.

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Why health is very important in our life?

To achieve overall good health and success in life, it’s important to care for your mental health through habits like regular social engagement, getting adequate sleep and stress management. … But for managing stress, exercise and eating right are two key components. keep visiting our blog for latest info on health and fitness.

The purpose of this blog is purely for education purpose.

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