Can Honey Prevent cancer ?

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases of the modern world killing millions of people every year. Though cancer is linked to lifestyle choices like smoking, drinking etc. the real cause of cancer is still unknown to us. 

Above all, many of the factors that influence cancer, like pollution, pesticides in food etc. are beyond our control. Prevention is always better than cure so it’s best to try and prevent this disease by making the right choices while we still can.  

Mother nature is the ultimate nurturer who has the solution to every single problem of ours. Of course going back to mother nature after cancer has invaded our systems is not a very smart thing to do. Yet, if you pay attention to mother nature she will protect you beyond your wildest imagination. One such healing secret of mother nature is Raw Honey which is now proven to have anti cancer properties. 

The anti cancer effects of different types of Honey have been extensively studied in research laboratories.  To understand how Honey prevents cancer, we need to understand what cancer is. Cancer, in one sentence is our own cells turning against us. In other words an uncontrolled growth of human cells is cancer.   

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One more very important thing about cancer is that it does not appear in your body over a single weekend. It happens gradually by gaining momentum. Medical sciences however detect cancer in a human being only after the number of cancer cells crosses a certain threshold. Hence if you learn to keep the number of cancerous cells in your body below a certain number, you have already shielded yourself from cancer. 

 Let’s one by one look at the ways in which Honey is effective in countering or preventing cancer in our body. Antiproliferative properties of honey:  Cancerous cells multiply in a uncontrolled way at a rate that is much higher than normal cells. Research was done on the effect of Honey on the multiplication rate of cancerous cells and the results are very promising. 

Research on cancerous cells

The rate at which the cancerous cells were multiplying was significantly reduced when injected with Manuka Honey & Wild Flower Honey. This effect of honey is because of the presence of phenolic compounds in honey.  An extract from the research article for your reference: Manuka honey (UMF 10+) was shown to inhibit cell proliferation at concentrations as low as 0.6% (w /v ) in multiple cell lines (human breast cancer MCF-7, murine melanoma B16.F1, and mouse colon carcinoma CT26) in a dose and time dependent manner. 

This study also demonstrated that the antiproliferative effect of manuka honey was associated with the activation of a caspase-9-dependent apoptotic pathway. The researchers have also studied the effect of a solution which is same in chemical composition as honey. This solution containing Glucose, Sucrose and Fructose though chemically same as Honey did not have the same effect as Raw Unprocessed Honey on cancerous cells.  Well, like we have always said Raw Honey is real honey and contains all the nutrients including those magical compounds (phenolic compounds) which shield you even against cancer. 

The processed Honey which is heated at high temperatures have very less phenolic activity making it literally ineffective for such medicinal purposes.  The research article referred in this blog post can be downloaded from this link

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Numerous literature on Islamic Medicine and ancient Ayurveda and Unani medicine mentions Honey as cure to many diseases. Its Natural source of energy and enhances overall well being.