Cycle lanes in Bangalore

Cycle lanes in India is dream come true for many. Lot of projects were planned earlier by Govt but later scrapped due to feasibility and many other reasons.

But looks like we would soon have India’s first cycle lane in Bangalore.

Sustainable commute : Boosting Public Transport and cycling.

Outer Ring Road would very soon have a 16 KM long dedicated cycling track on the service road.

even BMTC is modifying their buses to hold cycles on their buses. Great initiative to boost last mile connectivity and promote cycling

A few years ago, the BBMP had created a 40-km of cycle track/lane covering most thoroughfares in Jayanagar. The lanes were demarcated, but owing to lack of physical separation, the purpose was defeated. The dedicated lanes were encroached upon and eventually, were used for parking

Now now it seems the plan is more robust as they are targeting ORR which can be feasible. This is good news for citizens of Bangalore specially health freaks.

There are many countries which are popular for their cycle tracks. Netherlands is one among them.

Lets keep the fingers crossed and hope this project turns up to be successful project in India.

How do cycle lanes work?

cycle lane is a legally reserved driving space for cyclists on the road, visually separating them from traffic. It is recommended when significant numbers of cyclists drive along a moderately busy road. Cycle lanes are  flexible solution on existing roads.

Health benefits of regular cycling

  • increased cardiovascular fitness.
  • improves muscle strength and flexibility.
  • Good for joint mobility.
  • decreased stress levels.
  • Helps to improve posture and coordination.
  • strengthened bones.
  • helps loose weight.
  • regulates blood circulation and provide overall exercise to body
  • Saves fuel cost – Good for environment – Good for health
  • Keeps us young, healthy and energetic

How much should you cycle a day?

It depends on human to human. The recommendation is not more than 15 Kms per day unless you are an athelete.

At a moderate rate of exertion, 30 to 40 minutes of cycling per day is considered adequate . If weather is too hot need to keep ourselves hydrated and protect through hat/cap, sunglasses and sipping water.


If you feel uncomfortable post 20 minutes it is advisable to check with your doctor . Normally cycling is considered safe and should be encouraged. Unless you have underlying health conditions consulting with a doctor is recommended.

Cycling compensate your missed jog/Gym and helps you burn calories

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