Didn’t make it to gym this morning? Here are five stretches you can do in bed

Feeling lazy or just a little sore post-training? These moves are worth staying in bed for.

Never fear. These are the exercises you can do in your bed to start your day off well.

1. Hip circles

Great for warming up the hip joint and easing tension through the lower back and hips, perfect after a big run or restless night.

ACTION: Stretch both legs long then bend one knee into your chest, hugging it with both hands. Gently start to circle the knee and thigh from top of the hip joint, massaging and opening up the circular range of motion.

REPS: Repeat both legs twice and 10 circles in each direction.

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2. Lower back stretch

Perfect to gently lengthen the lower back and chest after sleeping in an unusual position all night long.

ACTION: Draw one knee to the chest and use the opposite arm to carefully pull the knee across the body, keeping the shoulders open and pressing back on the bed. To increase the stretch take the knee right over the body towards the bed, not forcing it but guiding it across.

REPS: Repeat both sides two to three times.

3. Hamstring Stretch

We all wake up a little stiff sometimes, this exercise will free up the hamstrings and help ease lower back tension.

ACTION: On the bed, lie on your back, bend one knee and place the foot on the bed. Extend the other leg up toward the ceiling while holding onto the thigh or calf muscle. Slowly straighten the leg you are holding. To increase the stretch draw the leg being held closer to the chest and extend the bottom leg. Make sure the hips are in line with each other so you're not twisting out of the stretch.

REPS: Repeat both sides two to three times holding each stretch for at least 30 seconds.

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4. Chest Opening

Feeling closed through the upper body, stiff and hunched through the shoulders? This exercise will become one of your favourites to do every day.

ACTION: Roll over onto your side with both knees bent and stacked over each other, arms are stretched out in line with the shoulders in front of the body. Hips and legs remain anchored while you reach the top arm up to the ceiling reaching the shoulders and upper body back towards the bed. Open up through the chest and allow the head and neck to roll with the movement. Then return back to the centre with the hands coming back together.

REPS: Repeat five times on each side.

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5. Rest Position

Known as child's pose in yoga this nurturing pose is lovely to calm the body and mind to be prepared for a big day ahead.

ACTION: Roll over onto the knees, sit the bottom back onto the heels and stretch the arms out in front of the body. Rest the torso on the thighs and the head and arms on the bed. Feel the length through the fingertips right down to the tailbone and relax concentrating only on the breath in and out.

REPS: Hold for one minute or as long as you feel your body relaxes into the thighs and bed below.

Renee Scott is the founder of Barre Attack.

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