Indian v/s western toilet. Which is better ?

Indian v/s western toilet is a big debate across the globe. Western toilets are comfortable but squatting provides more health benefits and its natural way of relieving yourself fully

You must have seen two types of commodes

Western style toilets which have a higher seat and Indian toilets which are lower.There is a huge difference. Western toilets are 2-3 feet above the ground.While the Indian toilets are on the ground with a hole for the waste. You have to squat to relieve yourself.

I am sure you must have had your grandparents encouraging you to use Indian toilets.However these days many prefer to use western toilets.While on toilet they read newspapers, use phones and feel the most comfortable.

So what’s the difference between the two.People prefer the western toilets for their comfort, luxurious look, flush & jet spray.Whereas the Indian loos is more cumbersome. You have to wash yourself & can be inconvenient.

Let me tell you that our elders were right about Indian toilets being the best. Here is why.1. While squatting on toilet, it helps to exercise your joints.This squat position, squeezes the stomach and helps you apply the right amount of pressure.You also sweat like you are exercising.All of this together helps you clear out the colon.Using water to manually wash yourself is another exercise.

Health benefits of Indian Toilets

Once you stand up, you completely content and blood is pumping throughout the body.This is why Indian toilets are the best but still many prefer western toilets for its comfort.

2. Squatting while sitting in the Indian Toilet seat helps in the complete evacuation of the stool from the colon in our body.However in western toilets does not completely evacuate the stool.Indian toilets on the other hand help to completely clear the gut.

3. When you compare Indian & western loos, the worst are the western toilets.Why is it the worst? Because as compared to toilet paper, jet sprays waste a lot of water.In case of Indian toilets, a mug full of water is enough to clean and there is no need for toilet paper.In western toilets you compulsory need toilet paper and jet sprays. So these are harmful for the environment!

4. Indian toilets are the best for pregnant women.Using Indian toilets regularly makes pregnant women ready for a smooth and natural delivery.While using a western toilet pregnant women need to apply more pressure to clear their gut.This can be very risky for the child.It can also cause problems in natural delivery and women may have to opt for caesarean.So now you know why Indian toilets are better.

5. Using western toilets can be harmful to the health, as it can cause appendicitis and needs to be surgically operated.However an Indian toilet does not cause any problems to the health.In ancient times, people in villages would go to the forest to relieve themselves.This is why Indian toilets are made like that.But people still chose western toilets. So we are not forcing you. Make the best choice for your health.Those who already have a western toilet at home can buy a leg rest, to help you.

Indian v/s Western toilet

If you are having issues with your digesting or bloating try squatting for few months and see the difference yourself.

Colon is completely cleaned and there are no traces of stool if you regularly use Indian toilets. western toilets do provide comfort but the stools are not completely flushed out of your body and in our day to day life we do not use our knees much which can damage them, using Indian toilets helps your knees to be used and keeps it alive

Indian v/s Western toilet pros and cons

If you prefer looks and comfort go for western

if your preference is health go for Indian

We should have both the options as some elders or differently abled people are not comfortable squatting, for them there is no option but to use western toilets.

Constipation is the biggest health issues in todays fast paced world and squatting regularly can help with constipation