Is your nutrition and fitness plan working for you?

Nutrition and fitness are very important and you are working hard to maintain your diet and fitness plan. however how to make sure that your nutrition and fitness plan is working for you ?

Choosing the right diet and workout can often feel a lot like putting together a piece of puzzle. Tricky and confusing.

Wading through the myriad of information (and misinformation) out there can be overwhelming. 

How do you know if your diet and fitness plan is working?

  • You feel and think better
  • You’re sleeping better
  • You feel energised
  • Your anxiety has decreased
  • You view yourself differently
  • You feel happier and calmer
  • It hasn’t taken over your life
  • Your strength and stamina has increased
  • Your choices are better and more controlled

Posting her tips to Instagram, Sarah explained: “Your plan should be giving you overall life improvements both physically and mentally, which should make your whole life better,” Sarah wrote in her Instagram caption. If your plan makes you feel hungry all the time, anxious, and not sustainable, it’s time to make changes to find a plan that will work for you.

“Whatever your plan, it shouldn’t be causing you any additional life stresses,” Sarah wrote. “It should just be part of you living your life building awesome long-term healthy habits.”

What to do when your diet isn’t working ?

Every individual have different body type. What is working for person A might not work for person B. But a lot of people don’t realize exactly what’s going on with their diet. 

stick to your plan for at least 15 days before it shows any changes in your body. You need to spend more calories than you consume. you may be eating only salads but you are on couch for entire day.

Diet and exercise should go hand in hand and should be balanced. you should plan to get more nutrition in every byte

Make few changes in your workout. and diet. watch it for few days and dont give up. some things take time but results are worth. consistency is the key.

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