My Hair transplant Journey

I am 43 years old, born in Mumbai in 1976. I had very thick and healthy hair upto the age of 35, I was very conscious of my overall health and never felt like I am reaching toward my 40.

Stated loosing more hair after the age of 35

At 35 I noticed lot of hair fall and could feel that I am destined to baldness. I started taking Homeopathic medicines but with no results. In 2011 I moved to Baroda as I got new job over there. At Baroda we had hard water and my hair fall increased.

Again I took some treatment from one of the popular hair clinic but no results. After a year we moved to Bangalore in May 2012.

Tanker water took toll on my hair

At Bangalore the water was even worse (Tanker water). the carvery supply is limited to city but as our office is located in outskirts , I choose to stay near office to avoid traffic and save time on commuting. there was no option but to use Tanker water. In Bangalore the ground water is very deep normally more than 1000 feet. which makes the water more hard.

within 4 years I loose much more hair and was loosing more by each passing day. some one suggested me Derma roller but it worked only upto the time I use it, I could only prolong the hair fall for few days. I did Balayam and also took some pills but it did not helped much.

I also have an heredity problem of loosing hair from my Father’s side. all my uncles are Bald and I was convinced that there is no option but to accept the baldness. by the age of 43 I was almost at the 6th stage of baldness.

Hope for getting my hair Back

One day I met my friend of mine who was bald since long, however I was surprised to see him with good hair on his scalp. upon inquiring he informed that he has done the hair transplant and results are really good.

I got some hope and I started searching online regarding the hair transplant options, its side effects and other information. I visited 3 to 4 clinics in Bangalore and took their advise and opinion.

Finally I was convinced that the only option to get my hair back is transplant. As my donor area was very healthy and had no issues of sugar and BP I decided to go ahead with Hair transplant.

There were many options with 10 Rs per Graft to 50 Rs per graft. I wanted a quality work so I did not consider for very cheap option and went with a clinic who had good reputation, after lot of negotiation I was able to get 25 Rs per graft along with few free things like PPR, Laser comb for 6 months and other things. They advised me around 3700 Grafts.

They did my full body checkup along with blood test as a part of perquisites and gave me an appointment of 19th June (Wednesday).

The procedure started at around 10 AM in the morning. first they trimmed my hair, gave me an antibiotic, Restill and one tablet to control the access bleeding.

they started with local anesthesia (the only painful part in the entire procedure) within 2 minutes my back scalp was numb. after that there was no pain at all, they started the extraction. my bleeding was high. The reason they said could be smoking. but when I denied that I do not smoke then they said this could also be due to regular consumption of green tea.

I complaint them that they should have informed me to to stop taking green tea at least a week before the surgery. anyway they apologized for the same and said normally they advise for smoking and alcohol but very rare they see a patient who consumes green tea. but they took this as a feed back and are now advising all their patients as well. due to bleeding the procedure slowed down as they were finding it difficult to see the grafts clearly.

I was little bit tensed but they assured nothing to worry about bleeding as its only 5 to 10 ml extra blood for the entire process but it was making thier task little difficult due to visibility issue, they had to clean it for each and every graft.

I took two bio break in between and the extraction was completed by 2 PM. had lunch and took rest for 15 to 20 minutes.

then started the implantation procedure. they gave the local anesthesia again in the front area (recipient area). little pain and then the scalp was numb. they put around 3600 slits. again the bleeding was more. they gave me one more tablet to control the bleeding.

The implantation completed around 8:30 pm. with 2 breaks in between again. however atlast the entire surgery completed. they expected around 8 hours but it took more than 10 hours. the entire activity was slowed down due to bleeding as they had to be very carefully clean and do the procedure.

however I drove back home. (around 12 KM) and heavy traffic. was little scared to drive but managed somehow.

Back to work

I took one day off from office on Wednesday and took two days as work from home option (Thursday & Friday) and there was week end. I joined office back on Monday

Post surgery care