Rock Salts Lamps

Though there are not many scientific proofs available today, however users who have already used it claim to get benefits. lets see how these lamps helps in different areas of your life.

Students : Improves memory and concentration, positive attitude, increases alertness.

Computer professionals : Reduces tiredness and fatigue caused by Electro Magnetic exposure.

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Business man : Active participation in work, removes tiredness and lethargy, improves oxygen contains in the A/C rooms, removes all types of bad smells and keep the room pleasant.

Passive smokers : Remove cigarette smoke and saves from bad effects of smoke and cleans the air.

Aged People : Provides good sleep, relaxes the mind, improves sleep quality.

House Wives: removes smells and oil fumes in kitchens. keeps the kitchen fresh.

Himalayan Salt Lamp 2-3 Kg Himalayan Rock Salt Crystal Pink LAMP Natural Shape with Wooden Base and Cable, Bulb

Children: increases the brain activity, memory power and physical strength by maintaining metabolism.

Allergies : Helps in speed recovery from Asthma, cold cough, fever, headache and sneezing.

Vasthu : As it is made of active salt collected from the foothills of Himalayas, it is believed that this lamp does not allow bad influences into the house and enhance the positive energy.

These lamps also helps remove negative energy from your surroundings and enhances your mood.

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