This is what I’m packing on my honeymoon instead of lingerie

With my honeymoon fast approaching – weeks away, eek – you’d think I’d be getting my sexiest ensembles ready for a few weeks of romantic bliss, right? Wrong.

I’ve spent the last 3 months training and eating like competitive athlete. There’s nothing like a slightly-too-tight wedding dress to get you motivated. Sugar? Sayonara. Carbs? Ciao. It’s the most consistent and committed I’ve ever been to clean living in my life, and the results are finally paying off. I’ve toned up the jiggly part of my legs I’d learnt to live with, and my bum is inches higher than where it was when I embarked on this regime.

Truth be told, the idea of taking a 6 week break from my vigorous training schedule terrifies me! I don’t want to have to start from scratch when I return…

Enter Unit Nine’s Sweat Pack Plus. I recently was invited on a training retreat to the William Inglis Hotel by Unit Nine to showcase how multi-functional their training kits were. Made from light-weight neoprene, they come with a set of 3 mini bands in varying levels of resistance, a long resistance band, a skipping rope, a trigger point ball, sliders, a sweat towel and a workout guide designed by Sarah Boulazeris to get you started.

If you think you need a kitted out gym to work up a proper sweat, you clearly have no imagination. Led by the beyond-ripped Sydney trainer Rox Vitalone, I worked through the three workouts provided in the guide including one for strength, one focused on HIIT, and a booty workout to finish.

I’m not exaggerating when I say I hurt for days afterwards, in places I didn’t know existed. All you need is this kit, a couple of spare square meters, and a killer soundtrack – voila, you have yourself a makeshift gym wherever in the world you happen to be in.

The sliders are my personal fave, acting like a Pilates bed minus the actual bed, as they engage your whole core.

The best part? The whole kit is super compact and lightweight so it really can slot into my hand luggage without taking up too much room. So maybe I can still fit in some sexy lingerie after all…

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