Viral fever – Home Remedies

In view of heavy viral fever taking toll of thousands of people in Mumbai and other effected areas. A simple remedy of Dr, Umang will show miraculous Results.

Ingredients : 50 gm Soonth (dry ginger) powder, 20 gm black pepper powder, 50 gm Turmeric (Haldi ) powder and 250 gm dark Jaggery.

Preparation : Heat the Jaggery then mix all three powder in it and make small round tablets.

take one tablet every 3 hours with glass of hot water. just within a day or two any viral fever or sore throat will be cured without any side effects.

Other things you can do specially in monsoon to improve your immunity is drink warm water through out the day. and have hot milk with turmeric at night before going to sleep. This will also help you sleep better.

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Having Boiled and cooled water (room temperature) is recommended in monsoon, avoid eating outside food. Have herbal tea with cloves and pepper. ( mix little cloves and pepper while boiling the tea.)

Chewing Tulsi leaves is also a good remedy for viral fever. If you cannot chew tulsi leaves boil it in hot water and sip this water slowly.

Sudarshana Tablet is also an age old remedy for fever which is effective Natural Solution for Fever and Viral Infections –Sudarshana helps Reduce Symptoms Associated with High Fever, -Headache and Body Pain -Helps Improves Appetite -Useful in General Headache