Women’s Health

Women’s wellness and health is very important part of society but often ignored by the masses.

Women is one of the best creation of God. however in this Men’s dominated world the health of woman is often taken for granted and her health is debased by the biologically inaccurate dogma of Psychology, blind beliefs and spiritual woo woo
Also women’s must be aware that ignorance about menstruation puts Women’s health at risk.
Part of the problem is that women’s health has not been studied in the kind of depth that is needed, with researchers often citing the variability of women’s menstrual cycles as reason to exclude them from clinical trials, most notably those on coronary heart disease (the number one killer of women in the United States) and drug efficacy and safety.


There is still a long way to go toward education around women’s bleeding in less developed countries. Religious norms, cultural taboos, poverty (which leads to harder access to supplies), and lack of education create a climate of poor health for women and girls, many of whom drop out of school or can’t work due to issues related to stigmas, access, and privacy around their periods.

Those  who still believe that a woman should be able to make her own decisions about her own body are absolutely going to keep fighting to protect this constitutionally guaranteed right — but we can’t just play defense when it comes to women’s health. We need to insist on continued progress.

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There is much more we can and must do to empower women with the comprehensive health care they need and the economic security and opportunity that comes with it. We should challenge the  elected leaders across the globe to stand with women, and on the right side of history, by supporting the 21st Century Women’s Health Act — because we know that when women are stronger, our world is stronger.

End of the the day its Mother women and shoud be taken care like our own Mothers. lets move women’s  health forward and not backward.