The activewear brand you should wear, according to your personality

Are you more of a ‘serial bruncher’ or a ‘high performance star’?

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If you wear yoga pants like they’re going out of fashion and wash your favourite sports bra more than you do the dishes, purchasing new activewear is not only a luxury – it’s an occasion. But with the all options available (and oh, there are many) investing in new gear can feel overwhelming at best.

Before you panic in a pile of Fenty x Puma and Adidas leggings, take a deep breath. This is the conclusive guide to what to wear, according to your personality. And no, there’s no need to thank us, we do it out of love.

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Nimble Activewear: The High Performance Star

Nimble is known for their lightweight compression fabrics designed for maximum movement, ventilation and comfort. This will essentially prevents any activewear-related obstacles in your workout, like feeling overheated or hemmed in by your look. Not only are the designs cute, but they’re also made to be washed, worn and well-loved for many, many runs.

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Fenty x Puma: The Serial Bruncher

Blending Japanese street style with Puma’s signature style, this is a line you might not want to be too active in. Not that it’s not made for stretches and squats, but with kimono-style crop tops and sneaker boots, this is the kind of gear you want to show off – outside the gym. (Now, someone pass us the avo toast and almond latte.)

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Running Bare: The Marathon-Runner-In-Training

Running Bare is made by women, to represent women and really focuses on creating flattering clothing that simultaneously promotes the best workout possible, whether it’s stretching, weights or cardio. With a wide range of shapes and sizes, Running Bare advocates that everyone should don their activewear and pop down to the gym. Get it, girl.

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Fire and Shine: The Sustainable Shopper

Fire and Shine is the perfect site if you’re interested in sustainability and ethical wares (actually, shouldn’t we all be?!). They only use factories that both care for their workers and pay them a living wage. More of this, please.

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Stylerunner: The Insta Yogi

You rush from yoga to the cafe du jour, taking time to upload an instagram story on the go. Hey, we’re all guilty, and activewear hub Stylerunner is the perfect gear to complete your run-selfie-brunch-repeat routine in. This site known for its keen eye, featuring brands from Nike to Calvin Klein, and, much like the Fenty range, these brands are just as likely to be seen on street style stars as they are in the barre studio.

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Adidas: The Icon Lover

Part of the Adidas phenomenon is that still, after all these years, you can walk around feeling FTD in a heritage sportswear line. From elite athletes to straight-up beginners, that three-stripe logo looks fresh on everyone – just in case you were second guessing your third pair of Superstars.

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See Stylerunner founder Julie Stevanja talk at The Wellness Festival in Sydney October 15th.

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